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How do I apply?
Applications can be found online here. Please submit your application online or print and mail the completed application to Musicale, 8405 Wenton Circle, Mechanicsville, VA 23116.

How much is the application fee?
There is no application fee for Musicale.

When is the deposit due?
There is no deposit due for Musicale Festival Only packages. For groups selecting an overnight package, a deposit is due approximately three weeks after receipt of the application in our office. If an application is received after a payment due date, the deposit is due with the application along with the past due payment.

What is the payment schedule?
For Musicale Festival Only packages, full payment is due one month prior to the festival. For Musicale overnight packages, the $1,000 deposit is due three weeks after receipt of the application in our office, the 50% payment is due three months prior to the festival, and the final payment is due one month prior to the festival.

What is the application deadline?
There is no application deadline! However, if an application is received in our office after any payment due date, payments will be retroactive.

Do you take credit cards?
We do! Payments via credit card can be made using the "Make a Payment" link in the secure area of our website. A 3% fee will be added by the processing center for credit card payments. In addition, we accept school checks, certified checks, cashier's checks and money orders. All checks must be payable to SPECTRUM OF RICHMOND, Inc.

What is the cancellation deadline?
For groups selecting an overnight package, our cancellation policy is located on the contract. Please refer to the contract and/or the handbook for the cancellation policy. For Festival Only groups, please refer to the director's handbook.

Do you provide transportation?
We do not provide transportation. ALL transportation is the responsibility of the group.

What is the deadline for adding/dropping participants?
For overnight packages, the participant count must be finalized by the housing list due date (approximately six weeks prior to the festival). For Festival Only, counts should be finalized 30 days prior to the festival. There are some exceptions. Please contact a festival coordinator for additional information.

When is my hotel assigned?
The group is assigned a hotel upon receipt of the $1,000 non-refundable deposit and signed Musicale contract. Optional activities can also be pursued on the group's behalf once the $1,000 nonrefundable deposit and contract are received.

Do you use interior corridor hotels?
Musicale hotel properties are not guaranteed interior corridor.

Is there a limit on the number of performing groups?
Choral performances are limited to three competing groups. Instrumental performances are not limited.

How many judges do you use?
Musicale provides two judges for all performing groups.

Do you provide rehearsal space/storage/security?
Rehearsal space, storage and security can be added to your package for an additional cost and are all based on availability.

What day is the main competition day?
Performances are on the Friday or Saturday of the festival date selected.

When will I find out the performance schedule?
A tentative performance schedule is released 30 days prior to the festival. A final performance schedule is released 10 days prior to the festival. For planning purposes, performance schedule information may be available earlier than 30 days, but specific times will not be released prior to 30 days.

What kind of performance facilities do you use?
We use middle school and high school auditoriums.

How many directors are free?
Musicale provides one free park admission ticket per director per performing area (band, choir, orchestra), regardless of whether the group is attending for Festival Only or has applied for an overnight package. Additional free director admission tickets may be awarded. Please contact our Musicale coordinator for details.

How many chaperones are free?
For all Musicale packages (whether Festival Only or overnight), one free adult park ticket is awarded per 30 paid students, no minimum group size.

How can I get in touch with a festival coordinator?
Our Musicale Festival Coordinator can be reached toll free at 1-800-222-6862, or email Betsy Crowell at betsy@sporich.org.

Little Happies

"A huge thank you for yet another wonderful festival organized by you and your fantastic team! We had a ball. The competition was so well run on time and everyone was so helpful and kind. Your festival is the highlight of our year."

- Jennifer Breeden, Choral Director, Pocahontas Middle School

"Was a fun and valuable experience for me and my kids. Thanks to your wonderful hospitality as usual. We will see you in greater numbers next year!!"

- Claudia Plowden, Choir Director, Woodbridge Middle School

"Thanks so much for hosting another wonderful event. My kids had a great time."

- Brad Zimmerman, Band Director, Longfellow Middle School

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